Information Centre Slaný
FOR TOURISTS - All about the town of Slaný, its history, monuments and today’s appearance. Tips for trips in the surroundings. FOR INHABITANTS - Tips for culture, sports and all interesting events. Tips for a richer everyday life in the town. ABOUT THE INFORMATION CENTRE - When and where you can visit us in Slaný. What interesting things you can get from us.
Information Centre Slaný

Information server of
the town of Slaný
and the Přemyslide Central Bohemia Region

Ilustace Jiřiny Lockerové z knihy Panovníci českých zemí - Nakladatelství Fragment
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Infocentrum Slaný
Pod Velvarskou branou
Velvarská 136/1
274 01 Slaný

Phone: 312 523 448
e-mail: ic@infoslany.cz

Operation hours:
Mon - Fri
9.00 - 17.00
Sat, Sun, Hollidays
9.00 - 16:30
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Come to slow down in Slaný...
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