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Brief history

The prehistoric origin of Slaný is connected with the Hill of Slaný (Slánská hora - 330 m above the sea level), a tertiary eruptive rock. It was settled from the early Stone Age until the Slavonic period. A salty spring that rose at the foot of the hill probably gave the name to the future town (Slaný = salty).

Under the Hill of Slaný a market settlement was established, which is mentioned in two documents of the King Přemysl Otakar II of 1262 and 1271. The town was founded by Wenceslas II under the Law of Magdeburg at the turn of the 13th and 14th centuries, i.e. in the period when the process of foundation of towns as centres of crafts and trade culminated. The town soon became the seat of regional administration. In the Hussite times Slaný together with Louny and Žatec formed an independent town association. In the 16th century, trade and crafts developed strongly in the town. Due to participation in the Estates’ uprising Slaný became a mere subjective town of Smečno in 1638. In 1794 the town became free again and in 1850 it became the seat of district administration. Then, abrupt development of industry started (textile, engineering, food processing), which was supported by the railway connection of Slaný, built in 1873. At the beginning of the 20th century tens of medium-sized engineering companies were operating in Slaný, led by the Daněk Machine Works (later ČKD) and spinning mills (Benar). Production of dry batteries and car accumulators was also started here (Palaba, later the state-owned Bateria Company). In the surroundings there were black coal mines (the Caroli Mine in the town). What is also worth mentioning are rich cultural activities (amateur theatre, library, museum). In 1918, Slaný rejected the “royal town” title, which was festively accepted again in 1990. In 1960, the district of Slaný was dissolved and Slaný was incorporated in the district of Kladno. After 1990, the industry in the town began to develop again with considerable participation of foreign investors (F.X. MILLER s r. o., Grafobal spol. s r. o., Mitsubishi Electric Automotive Czech s. r. o., UMOE SCHAT – HARDING spol. s r. o., TOI TOI Sanitární systémy spol. s r. o.).

Slaný continues to be an important regional centre with its ancient buildings, sports and cultural activities, development of trade and revival of industry and fruit, mainly vine growing.

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