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FOR TOURISTS - All about the town of Slaný, its history, monuments and today’s appearance. Tips for trips in the surroundings.
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Natural monuments

The Hill of Slaný

The Hill of Slaný (330 m above the sea level) forms a natural dominant feature of the town. Together with the near Hill of Vinařice it represents the southernmost elements of the volcanic activity of České středohoří. In the natural reserve there are a lot of interesting places, a cave, a quarry, an information path and rare forest steppe communities. On the top of the hill there are three crosses symbolizing the suffering of inhabitants of Slaný during the Thirty Years’ War. A lot of view points provide marvellous views of the town and landscape.
The Hill of Slaný is mainly significant for the fact that it is a natural area very near a town centre. 

Háje forest park, Slaný

A quiet zone - the area serves as an important relaxation element of the town suitable for leisure activities and walking. From the geo-botanical point of view the location belongs to the group of oak-hornbeam forests.

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